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£1m medical supplies to Pakistan

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 By Channel 4 News

Doctor sends £1m medical supplies to Pakistan

Updated on 21 August 2010

As Pakistan government prepares to meet with the International Monetary Fund on Monday to assess the economic impact of the three weeks of floods, a British doctor tells Channel 4 News he is sending over £1m of medical supplies to help the homeless victims.

The International Monetary Fund will hold talks with Pakistan on Monday to assess the economic impact of thefloods and discuss ways to help.

Today, India donated three million pounds worth of aid. But Pakistan still stands accused of doing too little too slowly and people outside the country are raising money at grassroots level.

 One British doctor from Luton is organising a million pounds worth of hospital supplies which he plans to take to Pakistan himself.

Dr Muhammed Nasir is sending the medical equipment which includes surgical gloves, masks and syringes. There is enough antibiotics to treat 16,000 children. He will begin in Sindh Province tomorrow.

Dr Nasir flies out to Pakistan on Sunday to deliver the equipment to hospitals and field clinics in Sindh, Swat and Punjab. He told Channel 4 News he hopes his equipment will help the millions of homeless.

He said: “They’re going to get ill. They’re going to get diseases. They’re going to suffer. So this stuff will be quite handy for the local hospitals, local clinics, makeshift hospitals.

“These are all disposable products for general hospital use so it will come of use to them. I’m sure they will re-use them there, but that’s how it goes. At least they’re better than what they don’t have there.

“I can’t stop this addiction you know, if you see people suffering, no matter which part of the world it is, you really feel pain in your own heart. You really feel like they’re crying and you’re crying. You feel like you’re part of them. You should go out and help them.

“Maybe I’m a doctor and that feeling comes from that kind of aspect too. But at the end of the day I’m a human being too.

 “We have put a lot of effort into this together and I really want it to go into the right hands and to be used for the right people. It gives me a personal satisfaction and I can come back and report to the people who have donated and say ‘look it’s gone into the right hands’.”

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