Funeral Support

Funeral Support
The death of a loved one can be truly devastating and coping with
bereavement is not easy. 
At Light4life charity we are here to provide financial assistance towards burial
and funeral costs to those in need during what is one of the most challenging
and difficult times. 

Light4life Burial Fund has been established to support families in need who
are financially struggling to bear the cost of funeral for their loved ones. 
We support families with costs of all necessary arrangements for funeral and
burial across many countries. 
The only certain thing in life is that it will end one day, but while we have the
opportunity, let’s make a difference. 
In order for us to continue supporting families with funeral and burial costs, we
need your help. 
Please send your donations to Light4life and help families during this
distressing time. You can donate online via our website or simply through a
direct bank transfer.
Thank you