Limb Loss Appeal

Free limb loss help

To those who lost their limbs in any unfortunate
We provide every moral, physical and financial support to the
amputees and other patients. To treat patients and provide them
Artificial Limbs (arms & legs) to the limbless persons all over
Pakistan and from across the world completely free of cost.
Our expert team also travels worldwide to reach the needy and
provide them all the medical help they need. We get them treated
and put them back on their feet and bring them back to a normal
life. We also arrange Limb Loss maintenance with their local limb
loss organizations and fund any costs the patient may require in the
future for adjustments due to weight gain/loss and height increase.
All this is 100% free. Please donate towards the cause. Your little
donation can change someone’s life completely and fill the
happiness in their life.
Why wait for tomorrow? Tomorrow might not come.
Donate today
Thank you