Nishtar Hospital

Nishtar Renovation

We need to raise £15 million approximately to complete Nishtar hospital Renovations.

So far we have raised £124,579. With this amount we have completed Refurbishment of the Sewerage System along with instalation of 2 industrial pumps to make the system automatic.

Basement of Paediartics ward 19, is being converted to a brand new ward of 70 beds Neonatal unit at Nishtar Hospital.

Please step forward and donate generously to enable us to complete this noble cause as soon as possible. We still need another £75,000 to complete the Neonatal unit.

Next phase is to start the Renovations of Operating Theatres, at 3 floors, about 30 Operating Rooms with all extra Rooms, Recovery areas, staff rooms, ancillary fixtures and fittings. Estimated cost being approximately £3M.

Making donations to hospitals can be a really satisfying experience. Feeling of being able to help somebody or group of people less fortunate than us is a feeling that we should experience. There are many methods of donating, but hospital donations specifically are very essential. Hospitals are usually an extremely busy atmosphere. You can brighten up a child’s day and give them an amazing smile. At the same moment as giving a smile to your own child or your loved one and especially yourself. If you are brightening somebody’s day and life, it will have the same positive effect on you.

Mostly we make donations at some stages in our lives. The reason behind it depends whether it be to support a cause that aided a loved one, to give our help in a time of need. People or organizations have benefited from our activities creates a sense of happiness within us. It does to the beneficiary of the donation, even more so when the beneficiary of your donation is a child. This is what makes your donation special. Donate to hospital and to be able to personalize your donation to such a degree makes it an unforgettable experience. There are many organizations that you can donate to and each works for a different aim and purpose. Some organizations help to find a cure for illness, while others take care of many things that necessary for children. Nishtar is the right choice for your hospital donations.

Light4Life is one of best non-profit organization which is working for the poor and needy people all around the world. Now we are going to renovate Nishtar hospital Multan to give free medical treatment and all the medical facilities. We want to provide neat and clean environment to the patients with the large number of beds.