Meet the team

Meet The Team

DR. M. A. Nasir
Founder and Chairman of Light 4 life Charity

DR. Nasir is the founder and chairman of the Light 4 Life Charity, which was founded in 2002. He alone has spent over £1 million to aid the needy who had lost their limbs due to unfortunate events.

Mrs. Salama Sultana Nasir
Co Chairman
DR. Khalid Malik
Co. Founder of Light4life
Shahid Bawa
Director of operations and strategic
Fiza. A
Marketing and Design Manager

Fiza is Marketing and Design Manager, she is also the director of light4life promotions.

Dil Malik
IT Manager

Dil Malik is the IT manager for Light 4 life

Director of Event Manegment

Mariam is the director of all Light 4 Life events.

Aneesa Mirza
Director of legal affairs
Waqar Mirza
Director of events
Mr. Tallha Bin Nasir
Mr. Taha Bin Nasir
Mr. Adam Nasir
Mr. Danyal Nasir
Dr. Almas Qazi
Dr. Ahmed
Mr. Usman Yousef

Supporter and promoter

Shamaila Khan
Pop Singer

Shamaila Khan is and active and dedicated supporter and promoter of Light 4 Life

Shahid Bawa
Singer, Song writer, Music producer

Shahid Bawa is an active supporter and promoter of light 4 life and Gawahee, He is also a part of the Admin

Vicky Ranawat
Bollwood film director

Vicky Ranawat is a renon Bollywood film director and script writer. He is a supporter and ambassador of Light 4 Life and Gawahee.