What we do

Light4life charity has been serving humanity since 2005 with a 100% donation policy. Everyone working for Light4life are dedicated volunteers. Light4life is mainly working in the field of medical health, education and advancement of religion. Our objectives: Limb Loss: With the help and collaboration of limb less association UK and Limb loss foundation Pakistan, We have provided arms, legs and feet to 800 people in Pakistan who lost their limbs in earthquake. We are still maintaining the same patients for adjustment or replacement. We are working to build a hospital in Pakistan, specialized in Limbs replacement and rehabilitation. We aim to bring patients from the developing countries and treat them for free. We aim to develop Light4life Limb Loss Centre, which will be open to the world. Patients can come from all over the world. Mobile Hospitals: Light4Life mobile hospital will start its journey from the UK and will reach to all areas in the world where medical facilities are not available. The mobile hospitals will be fully equipped with all the latest equipment & facilities. The expert doctors & surgeons will treat patients for illnesses and also perform operations. We are starting with one mobile hospital and have plans to expand. Estimated cost to make one mobile hospital is £1.5 million. Education: We are already sponsoring over 7000 children. These children are from extremely poor families. We are providing them with books, shoes, uniforms and stationary twice a year and pocket money for everyday. We want to expand this project as much as we can to play our full part in ending child labour. Our 2016/2017 targets are to increase the numbers from 7000 to 10,000. Others: Apart from Limb loss, Mobile Hospital and education projects, Light4life is always looking out for really needy people whom we can provide a better future in any area of life regardless of their, nationality, race or religion.