By donating just a dollar to our cause you would be helping us make a Big Change in the following ways


  • Helping us Build a Hospital to Improve Health 
  • Supporting free education, uniforms, stationery & meals for underprivileged children.
  • Developing a Limb replacement & rehab centre which will provide artificial limbs & maintenance to needy patients. 
  • Be a part of the Beat hepatitis project
  • Support us to acquire and develop a fully equipped mobile hospital service in rural areas.
  • Providing Emergency Health Services to those in need
  • Buying 10 Breads/Rotis/Naan in Pakistan
  • Buying Lunch/dinner for 2 needy people in Pakistan


We are also working to grow this charity to help other countries like Africa that are in need of our services. 


Just $1 will make a difference!

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Address :

14, Belvue Business Center, First Floor, Noetholt, Middlesex, UB5 5QQ 

Contact Details :

Tel: 07789081747 

License Number :

Registered with Charity Commission of United Kingdom since 2007

  • Charity no. 1123383 
  • Company no. 5739134