Join hands with us to beat Hepatitis. Many people in Pakistan are being infected with hepatitis B & C. It being the fastest growing and life threatening disease that is more prevalent to certain areas of Pakistan. Due to lack of knowledge and because of poverty, many poor people do not have the means of getting a diagnosis or able to pay for their treatment as it is very expensive. More than 7 million people across Pakistan are affected with the ailment but we want to start our first project from the village of Union Council, Thathi, which seems to be affected the most. Our aim to test 2500 patients for their diagnostic stage to find out who needs treatment. We aim to continue this program throughout Pakistan Insha’Allah. Your help will make it possible, so please donate generously.

We are also working to start mobile hospital services. Our Light 4 Life mobile hospital will start its journey from the UK and will reach to all those areas in the world where medical facilities are not available or to give them free medical treatment. Our mobile hospitals will be fully equipped with all the latest medical equipment and facilities. The expert doctors and surgeons will treat patients for all illnesses and also perform operations.

 All the serious operations cases will be handed to the local hospitals for after operation care. All the charges of local hospital will be paid by Light 4 Life. Everything for needy or patient will be 100% free.

We are already sponsoring over 16000 children from extremely poor families and this number is growing every year. We are providing them with books, shoes, socks, uniforms, pens, pencils twice a year and a little pocket money for every day. We want to expand this project as much as we can to play our part in ending child labor and provide brighter future to children and their families.

Charity is aiming to develop a Limb Loss Centre of international standard with an expert panel of doctors in Pakistan. The aim will be to provide every moral and physical support to the amputees and other patients. To treat patients and provide Artificial Limbs (arms &legs) of international quality to the limbless persons all over Pakistan.

We also aim to establish Research and Development center to make the manufacturing of Modular limbs possible at Pakistan on the lowest possible charges to cater the local as well as to the Regional requirement.

The patients will be treated free of charge from all over Pakistan and rest of the world. Our expert team will also travel worldwide to reach the needy and fly them over to Light 4 Life Limb loss center in Pakistan, free of any charge, get them treated, take care of all aspects including accommodation, put them back on their feet and bring them back to a normal life.

Light4Life is one of the most reputable charities and non-profit organization globally.