Join hands with us to beat Hepatitis. Many people in Pakistan are being infected with hepatitis B & C. It is one of the most fast growing and life-threatening diseases that is more prevalent in certain areas of Pakistan. Due to lack of knowledge and shattering poverty, many people do not have the resources of getting a diagnosis and are not able to pay for their treatment. More than 7 million people across Pakistan are affected by this ailment and we are starting our project by targeting the village of Union Council, Thathi, which seems to be affected the most. We aim to target 2500 patients and provide them with a diagnosis. Our mission is to continue this program throughout Pakistan Insha’Allah.

With your help and generosity, we can make this possible.

We at Light4Life, are working tirelessly to start our mobile hospital services. Our Light4Life mobile hospital will start its journey from the UK and will target all those areas in the world where medical facilities are not available or are too expensive. Our mobile hospitals will be sufficiently equipped to provide all the necessary facilities and services to those in need. Our medical professionals are highly trained and experienced.

All medical emergencies outside the bounds of this mobile hospital will be handed over to the local hospitals for emergency care and the charges will be covered by Light4Life.

Furthermore Light4Life is sponsoring over 16000 children from extremely poor families and we are aiming to increase this number every year. Resources such as books, shoes, socks, uniforms, pens, pencils are given twice a year and a little pocket money for every day expenses are provided by Light4Life in hopes to give these children a chance at a better life. We wish to expand this project as much as we can to play our part in ending child labour and help these children achieve a brighter future.

We have also envisioned to develop a Limb Loss Centre comparable to international standards with a panel of world-renowned doctors in Pakistan. The vision is to to provide every type of moral and physical support to treat these patients by providing them Artificial Limbs (arms & legs) of international quality. This will help in regenerate their confidence and give them a chance to start a new life.

We also aim to establish a Research and Development centre to make the manufacturing of Modular limbs possible in Pakistan at the lowest possible rates to fulfil the local and regional requirements.

The patients that Light4Life comes across the globe will be treated free of charge. Our team of experts will also travel worldwide to reach the needy and fly them over to Light4Life Limb loss centre in Pakistan for treatment. This allows us to give these people their right to live a normal life.

Light4Life is no doubt one of the most reputable charities and non-profit organizations globally that are dedicated to finding suitable solutions for people in need with your help. We believe that it is our duty to help these people and give them a chance at a better life.