Light4life’s Rehabilitation

Effort for a Paralyzed young man

On 29th May 2020, our team at Light4Life managed to collect an ample amount of donation in order to provide a fully automated wheelchair for Sanwal who suffered from Cervical Spine Injury.

donation for disability

Above Picture: Zahid Hussain Khan – Chairman (Light4life Trust-Pakistan) with Sanwal

Sanwal met an accident 4 years ago. Due to the impact on this spine, he became physically disabled. Sanwal belongs to a poor family and could not afford the medical bills. Our team at Light4life requested a capable and experienced Neurosurgeon for Sanwals Treatment. The Neurosurgeon agreed to treat his illness. The surgery was a success, but he is still paralyzed from the waist down.

donation for disability

Sanwal wishes to be self-dependent, which is why he has requested for vocational training. In the near future, he wanted to establish a business. We provided him with a laptop, paid the fees for his course, and provided all the necessary resources that were required for him to be self-sufficient.


If you want to contribute to this noble cause, don’t feel hesitant at all. Use the link below to make a handful of contribution. Even a little donation from your side will make a huge difference.


We wish all the very best to Sanwal for his wonderful journey ahead!