Interested in becoming a child’s education sponsors? In order for our children to have long term safety and live without violence, it is imperative they receive a quality education.

Education is crucial to end the cycle of abuse.

Help us break the cycle and guarantee them a safe and prosperous future.

The breakdown of the education costs:

* One calendar year of private school education fees
* One calendar year of school lunch meals and tea
* After school private tutoring
* School holiday private tutoring
* All school text books, school books and supplies ( pens, folders, geometry sets etc)
* All school uniform for winter, summer and sports
* School shoes and sports shoes ( x 4 pairs on total per year)
* School bags, gum boots, umbrellas, rain coats, winter jackets
* Fees for bus to and from school for a calendar year
* Exam fees ( 6 exam periods per calendar year)
* Student desk and locker
* After school sports, crafts, boxing, Zumba, swimming and activities on weekends and school holidays
* Computer tutoring and lessons
* basic medical, dental and therapy.