Doc Helps to Rescue Villagers

One of our very own Anaesthetists, Dr Mohamud Nasir has recently returned from his home land of Pakistan.  But on this occasion the visit was far from enjoyable; Dr Nasir teamed up with 10 other medics (previously unknown to him) in a bid to aid rescue efforts following the devastating earthquake that hit Pakistan on 8th October.

When they arrived at Balakot Dr Nasir and his team were begged to help those living in remote villages in the valleys, which remained cut off due to the landslides that followed the earthquake.  The only way to get to the villages was to take a perilous hike over the Kashmir Mountains, something that many would refuse to do.  However, Dr Nasir and his team wanted their visit to be as worthwhile as possible, so they took the 16 hour hike sleeping overnight in makeshift tents.  If travelled by car the journey would have taken just 3 hours.  

The team decided they would make more of an impact by splitting into 3 groups.  Dr Nazir’s group concentrated on the village of Kolta, where they treated the injured in a makeshift treatment room, using the medical supplies they had taken with them.  They then called in 2 helicopters from the military and arranged for the aprox no of people survivors to be airlifted to safety.   Dr Nasir outside the makeshift treatment room

Since his return Dr Nasir has had news that a landslide has wiped out what was left of Kolta.

 Did you know:The worst hit areas are Muzzafarabad and Balakot, in these areas:Every house has been destroyed90% of their population has been killed95% of all their School, College and University Students were killedAlmost every survivor was left injured in some way

Prior to his trip to Pakistan Dr Nasir donations mounting to £123k to take with him.  Just some of the many things this money enabled him to do were:

  • Purchase much needed stretchers for a local hospital


Money is still needed!

During heightened media coverage donations to the many charities and disaster funds are at a high.  Now that the media coverage has reduced, donations have also dramatically reduced.  But money is still needed – so please still donate.  

Donations are still being accepted in many leading Banks and Building Societies, or you can donate by calling Disaster Emergency Committee on

0870 60 70 900

One of the survivors Dr Nasir treated

     Communications unit have secured the donation of a signed football from Luton Town Football Club The ball will be raffled and all proceeds will go to the Earthquake appeal Tickets are £1.00 per strip and will be on sale at the entrance to the canteen on:Tuesday 8th NovemberThursday 10th NovemberTuesday 22nd NovemberFriday 2nd December  The draw will take place on Monday 12th December 2005